Gaia Magick is a boutique beauty portrait studio that provides all woman with a unique opportunity for bold gorgeous fun during which they experience comfort, confidence, and support all the while discovering who they are, in this very moment.

At Gaia Magick Photography beauty sessions aren't just about making you feel comfortable and building your confidence, these should be inherent benefits of this kind of photography. The Gaia Magick Photography experience is about having fun, enjoying your self, making the most of your 'me-time' and relieving the stress of life though pure enjoyment and laughter.

My studio is a comforting supportive stress free female sanctuary where your hair and make up is provided for you, and we help you with every aspect of your shoot; from helping you decided on the best outfits and session style, right down to coaching you on how to hold your body: from the top of your gorgeous head to the tip of your sexy little toes, while coaxing out the best facial expressions. You don't have to worry about a single thing; you're going to have fun, be confident, feel gorgeous, and discover new aspects of yourself. 

I've photographed dozens of women who will all tell you they couldn't believe how comfortable they were or how much fun the whole experience was: it changed how they viewed themselves and gave them the confidence to feel more bold and gorgeous every day, helping them to have more fun in their lives.

Are you ready to be bold, feel gorgeous, and have some fun? Use the form below to contact me, or go here to book online!

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