Frequently Asked Questions: Relieving Your Fears One-by-One 

Where are you located? Do you shoot elsewhere?

My studio is located in the beautiful Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island. You also have the option of booking an on-location shoot in your home, at an out door location, or at a hotel of your choosing. Contact me for a studio tour, or to discuss an on-location photography experience.

I've never done this before, will you help me?

Of Course! Before the session I will give you advice on the best outfits, shoes and accessories to dig out of your closet for your session. I'll give you a list of local and online retailers that can help you find the perfect items to purchase that will make you look and feel gorgeous. I'll answer any questions you have, about darn near anything, so you feel comfortableeducated and supported-totally ready for your beauty experience.

During the session I will help you with everything! I'm here to assist you in choosing the best outfits for each set, getting your clothing on right (I am the master of attaching garters to stockings!), posing every inch of your body to make you look your best and I'll even coach you through how to get the right facial expressions for each mood.   

After the session, when you come to view your images, I will help you decide on the best products for your needs and the perfect images to make those products, should you need the help and guidance. I want you to be over-the-moon-in-love with the gifts and reminders you purchase.

My friend, I am here to support you, every step of your bold gorgeous fun beauty experience!

How far in advance should I book my shoot?

recommend that you book your pre-session consult 6-8 weeks before you need to receive your finished products, longer if you will be using a payment plan. But if you need something sooner please contact me and I'll see what I can do for you.

Will my images be publicized if I don't want them to be?

No. If you do not want to have your images displayed on Facebook, the blog, or my website, I accept that. These images can be very personal to a sexy goddess like yourself. However, I will create certain images during your session, like the one above, in which you can not be identified, for such purposes. I will always ensure your right to anonymity is respected. I require every person I photograph to sign a model release giving permission to use their images, if they are comfortable with their images being shared. If you don't want to sign one, that is your right, and it will be totally respected. Your images will never appear anywhere with out you being personally notified by myself and your images will NEVER be sold. 

I just want to get booked in, can I do it online?

If you are busy gal with a million balls in the air, or want to keep your session booking 100% private because you are at work (don't want your nosey coworkers hearing you on the phone with a boudoir photographer!) I offer online booking services, here, for both the pre-session consult and the session. Please ensure that if you are booking a session you also book a consult-which can be done in-person, over Skype or Face-Time or on the phone. Please note that before I can guarantee an online session booking date, a contract must be signed and a retainer payment must be received by Gaia Magick.

I really want a session but your prices are scary. What can I do? 

Professional photography can be expensive, and specialized professional photography prices can be down right nausea inducing, I understand that. I want to make female beauty photography experiences accessible to all the ladies out there and I work hard to keep my prices below the boudoir/glamour industry average while still providing you with the most supportive and full beauty experience . Did you know I also offer payment plans to help spread out your investment in yourself? You can pay for your session, and order, over 3- or 6- month plans. So, if you paid for your session deposit, and then ordered an additional $100 worth of feel awesome goodies, and used my 6-month payment plan, you'd only be paying $75 a month-and you'd get what you need! Contact me today, and we'll work out something to help you feel like the goddess you are.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page here, too. Some times I send out a model call, so if you are willing to sign a model release to let people see your amazing photos, the session will be complimentary and you'll get a little something extra for your time too!

I'm planing a session, will I look better once I've lost this baby weight?

Honestly, you look great, right now-just as you are! We woman can be our harshest critiques, especially when it comes to our own bodies. We need to work together to stop that inner cycle of self negativity. A session with me is a great start to changing your perspective and feeling a little more positive about the body you are in. Sadly, sometimes we just never reach the goals we set for ourselves and we put off doing the things we love that make us feel good. Remember, when we feel good about ourselves, we are better at taking care of those we love and helping others to feel good. I've worked hard to learn all the ways to making you look amazing in your images, and I want to help you see how beautiful you are right in this moment. Chin up, be brave; we'll get though this together!

I have noticed many of the women in your images have lots skin exposed. I love your work, do I have to take my clothes off to book a session with you?

Of course not! If you are uncomfortable with your skin showing, but would still like beauty images, I highly recommend a glamour or fantasy session. Glamour sessions are inspired by the fashion magazines you see in grocery stores. We'll take amazing images of you, dressed any way you like, and you'll feel like a fashion cover girl. Or if you love Halloween (like me), you can bring in your favourite costume(s) and we can play dress up! You are never to old to play dress up when there is a camera involved! With both of these sessions you'll still walk away with confidence, courage, increased comfort in your body and gorgeous images of yourself.

I want this photography session to be extra special. I'm looking to take it to the next level of 'wow'. How can you help me with that?

Oh gorgeous, you've come to the right photographer! I've got the skills to help you create whatever your imagination can dream up. Whether you desire crazy make up, wild hair, daring and creative outfits and costumes, over the top accessories, or even out of this world sets, I can sew paint and craft like nobody's business. I can cut and sew a floor length full fabric cloak with hood in 6 hours; a basic corset with edging lace on the bottom, about 6 hours as well. Canvas backdrops and foam foregrounds? No problem! Warrior Goddess armour? I can do that. Wanna be a frost queen? 4 hours of hair and make up and you wont recognize yourself. Wanna transform into a sparkling rainbow mermaid? I'm working on that costume right now, including a swim-able tail. 

You can visit this page to see some of my creative handy work. One you have a tickle of an idea, pop over to here to contact me and we can start collaborating on the perfect ways to bring your ideas to life. I love a challenge!